In this sharing session, our website was introduced as the outcome of a three-year project to provide English teachers with a community of practice on technology-enhanced language learning and teaching.

How did the project emerge? What is the mission of the project? How did the website develop? What is Entry Level Training Course? What is the future of this community? If you are interested in any of these questions, you can find yourself answers in the following video.

(length: 52:55)

View his presentation slides here:

Outline of sharing session: The organic growth of a digital community

00:00 – 00:22 introduction of this presentation
00:22 – 01:07 the objective of this community
01:07 – 02:24 overview of this presentation:
1. Prehistory of BEd(EL) and PDP courses
2. Project phase 1: community of practice in local schools
3. Project phase 2: connection of experiences and e-community
4. Project phase 3: release of training courses
5. The platform
02:24 – 07:42 information of BEd(EL) and PDP courses offered by Department of English Language Education:
1. Integrating Instructional Technology in ESL (BEd(EL))
2. 1-week Effective Use of e-Resources in the English Classroom (PDP)
3. 5-week Effective Use of e-Resources in the English Classroom (PDP)
07:42 – 16:24 video sharing from local teachers who have taken the PDP course
16:24 – 24:24 experiences sharing from partner schools during project phase 1:
1. Tsung Tsin Primary School and Kindergarten
(focus: process-writing with G-Suite apps)
2. Ma On Shan Ling Liang Primary School
(focus: flipped class teaching with custom-made video)
24:24 – 29:12 experiences sharing from partner schools during project phase 2:
1. Hong Kong Baptist Convention Primary School
(focus: reading with e-books, made with PowerPoint, Adobe Spark and Book Creator)
2. Buddhist Chan Wing Kan Memorial School
(focus: listening skills with Edpuzzle)
3. Kau Yan College
(focus: reading and integrated skills activities with Seesaw)
29:12 – 31:04 insights into working with partner schools
31:04 – 34:35 introduction of annual e-resources roundtable events
1. “Unleashing e-Resources in English Language Learning” on 9 June 2018 Read More
2. “Unleashing e-Resources in English Language Learning” on 8 June 2019 Read More
3. “Navigating the New Normal“ on 6 June 2020 Read More
34:35 – 35:50 highlights from hosting annual e-resources roundtable events
35:50 – 50:40 introduction of the platform
1. Home Page Visit Page
2. eResources Page Visit Page
3. eLearning Page Visit Page
4. eTeachers Page Visit Page
5. Blog Page Visit Page
6. eTraining
(project phase 3)
Visit Page
7. Feedback
50.03 – 52:55 conclusion of this presentation
1. Future direction of
2. Lessons learned from growing an organic digital community
3. Appreciation

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