In this talk, Dr Ting Sze Thou Fridolin would discuss what active learning is and how it improves student learning outcomes. Then, he would introduce the e-tools YoTeach!Badaboom and the Cell game that would help enhance active learning in your face-to-face, online or blended lessons.

(length: 37:05)

Outline of this Sharing Session: YoTeach! What Are Some New e-Tools We Can Use to Enhance Active Learning in Our Classes?

Presenter: Dr Ting Sze Thou Fridolin


00:00 – 02:02

Outline of this sharing session

Part 1: Introduction to active learning

02:03 – 03:45

What is active learning

03:46 – 04:56

Benefits of active learning

04:57 – 07:13

e-Tools for active learning

Part 2: YoTeach! for enhancing active learning

07:14 – 10:41

Why did we design YoTeach!

10:42 – 11:29

What is YoTeach!

11:30 – 12:35

Why use YoTeach!

12:36 – 18:00

Demonstration of using YoTeach!

18:01 – 19:41

Other ways to use YoTeach! online

19:42 – 20:47

Possible ways to use YoTeach! in teaching English

Part 3: The Cell and Badaboom games for enhancing active learning

20:48 – 27:05

Demonstration of playing the Cell game

27:06 – 35:42

Demonstration of playing the Badaboom game


35:43 – 37:12

Are those e-tools free?

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