Social annotation has been proven to improve students’ critical thinking and reading comprehension abilities. Moreover, social annotation can increase students’ interest in reading and positive feelings towards texts.

In this session, Dr Bidisha Banerjee would demonstrate how to use Perusall as a tool for students to engage in social annotation. Afterwards, she would introduce how she had used Perusall in classroom settings to promote student engagement with literary texts and to improve their reading comprehension abilities.

(length: 40:51)

Outline of this Sharing Session: Using Perusall for Social Annotation in the Literature Classroom

Presenter: Dr Bidisha Banerjee

00:00 – 02:49 Introduction
Part 1: Tools for social annotation 02:50 – 03:18 Popular tools for social annotation
03:19 – 14:32 Demonstration of Perusall
Part 2: Using social annotation in literature courses 14:33 – 16:29 Research background of social annotation
16:30 – 18:59 Course contexts and major assignment
19:00 – 20:59 Counter arguments about reading literature in contexts
21:00 – 22:14 Can social annotation bring out students’ emotional responses to texts?
Part 3: Course assignment of using Perusall 22:15 – 23:59 Description of the assignment
24:00 – 26:07 Motivations behind the assignment
26:08 – 30:10 Findings and responses from students
Part 4: Surveys and interviews 30:11 – 31:12 Survey results about reading literature
31:13 – 32:54 Survey results about using Perusall
32:55 – 37:13 Comments from student interviews
37:14 – 39:21 Advantages of using Perusall
39:22 – 40:58 Conclusion

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