The “Learning English with Little Leaf” (LELL) project of the English Language Education Department of EdUHK is adaptable to all of the dynamic possibilities of learning English in today’s constantly changing contexts. The mission of the LELL Project is to develop content in concert with English teachers, academics, students and professionals in technology and design in order to offer content that aligns to the English curriculum. LELL consists of a series of 6 Units on six different topics that tell stories about the Little Leaf and his family. Each unit includes two animated videos, a song, two e-books, and digital and hands-on activities to help primary students enjoyparticipate and speak up while learning English.

Watch the seminar video below which was held by by Dr. Stella Kong and Dr. Timothy Taylor for an introduction of the LELL project concept and information, or visit for more project details.

LELL Seminar:

Learning English with Little Leaf:

Designing Interactive, Online Learning Materials for Primary Students

(length: 01:00:14)

Outline of LELL Seminar Session

Designing Interactive, Online Learning Materials for Primary Students



00:00 – 10:50


  • introduction to LELL Project
  • rundown of this seminar
  • project background and aim

Part 1

Sharing by

Dr. Stella Kong


 11:15 – 16:22
  • knowing and learning a language = speaking a language
  • project features
 16:23 – 30:18
  • four key factors of language learning
  • language aquisition through meaning making atomisation
  • learning objectives




Part 2

Sharing by

Dr. Timothy Taylor


 32:55 – 38:32
  • LELL bridging website features
 38:33 – 40:17
  • table of LELL introduction
40:18 – 43:23
  • H5P integrated activities
43:30 – 56:26
  • browsing the landing page
    • songs
    • e-book + h5p activities

Part 3



56:27 – 57:42
  • Kahoot integration
  • promotional items and activities
57:48 – 01:00:00
  • future of Little Leaf project
  • join the Little Leaf project




LELL Seminar Q&A Session

(length: 00:17:11)

Outline of LELL Seminar Q&A Session

Part 4


00:00 – 00:11 feedback from participants

00:12 – 02:28


04:00 – 09:09


1.     Will there be an application for students to use, or stay in the web page?

2.     Is there a point earning system when students are joining the online activities?

09:10 – 16:15 discussion Time
16:16 – 17:11 round up