Reading time: 15 minutes

You and your students are fans of using IT in learning English, but how to sustain the development of IT teaching school-wide? In this sharing video, Fiona Yung, a Master Teacher at HKUGA Primary School in Hong Kong, gives a step-by-step presentation of how eLearning was integrated effectively into the curriculum of her school.

In the 11 minute video, Fiona summarizes the development of the necessary administration and curriculum in her school over the period of five year. She also shares the strategies she adopted and the challenges she faced.

    Highlights from the video:

    • The school infrastructure developed from a few numbers of mobile access points, to all classrooms being equipped with Apple TVs.
    • Fiona began with Google Sites in P4 English, and eventually introduced a wider range of tools like Edmodo and content apps to P 5 and 6.
    • Starting off on on her own, Fiona later moved to different sharing in various meetings with her colleagues alongside the change of school policies on eLearning.
    • Three aspects of constraints were also brought up, including people (e.g., comfort level), program (e.g., pace), and policy (e.g., planning).
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