Virtual Field Trips (VFTs) guide students to explore the world without leaving the classroom. The growing functions of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) add to the variety of digital sources that can be used in VFTs, and help to create more realistic audio-visual simulations of environments and objects that are costly and time-consuming to reach out in real-life. However, pre-made VFTs hardly match well with different curriculum and levels of studies, while creating such content from scratch requires a lot of time and technical skills.

In this sharing, Dr Keung Hiu Man would first discuss the differences between typical field trips and virtual field trips and then clarify the misconceptions about virtual field trips (VFTs). Later, she would share how she integrated VFTs into her course “Introduction to Chinese Culture” with different online resources. In addition, the sharing would feature the study which aimed to bridge the gap between the pre-made and teacher-made VFTs using resources available online. Implications of the findings would also be highlighted to provide insights into the feasibility and benefits of integrating VFTs into day-to-day lessons in a low-barrier way.

(length: 44:23)

Outline of this Sharing Session:
Stepping into Virtual Endeavours: Designing Immersive and Engaging Virtual Field Trips with Online Resources

Presenter: Dr Keung Hiu Man


00:00 – 01:47


Part 1: Background information

01:48 – 04:19

Typical field trips – pros and cons

04:20 – 17:13

Virtual field trips – myths and facts

17:14 – 19:16

Common problems of VFTs

19:17 – 20:40

e-Resources for creating VFTs

20:41 – 22:01

Issues of using the e-resources

Part 2: Study on VFTs

22:02 – 22:45

Research objectives

22:46 – 23:29

Research questions

Part 3: Experience sharing

23:30 – 24:39

“Introduction to Chinese Culture” – problems and challenges

24:40 – 25:37

Integration of different online resources into the course

25:38 – 28:24

VFT activity 1 – VR 360 video and Padlet

28:25 – 30:22

VFT activity 2 – VR 360 museum tour and Zoom

30:23 – 31:30

VFT activity 3 – AR paintings and Flipgrid (now Flip)

31:31 – 32:39

VFT activity 4 – 3D models and Zoom

32:40 – 34:00

VFT activity 5 – 2D photos and Padlet

34:01 – 34:28

Examples of sharing news report videos on VR innovations

Part 4: Study on VFTs

34:29 – 36:10

Analysis of the survey data

36:11 – 38:05

Students’ feedback on VFTs

38:06 – 39:15

Final remarks


39:16 – 41:52

How can teachers help students make VR 360 videos?

41:53 – 44:13

How can we find VR 360 videos online?


44:14 – 44:30

Closing and thanks

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