Mr. Keric Lee, a primary English teacher from S.K.H. Yuen Chen Maun Chen Jubilee Primary School focused his sharing on how teachers mentally prepare themselves for their future classes. Blended teaching practice and a teacher’s attitude and mentality are all essential elements of what Keric calls ‘disruptive innovation.’

What is ‘disruptive innovation?’ What are the challenges and solutions of navigating the new normal in primary English teaching? Come and find the answers in Keric’s breakout session below. Or catch a quick intro on the right for a ‘trailer’ of his talk!

Keric’s Micro-Introduction

(length: 02:52)

Keric’s “Navigating the New Normal” Sharing Session

View his presentation slides here:

(length: 42:01)

Outline of Keric’s Sharing Session ““Shame to stay the same!”: Primary English Classroom Reimagined”

Activity 03:54 – 05:35 what surprised you the most during online teaching this whole time
Opening 05:45 – 06:44 introduction to disruptive innovation (aspects: practices and mentality)
How to prepare yourself mentally in the future 07:09 – 12:27 roles of educators
12:27 – 17:57 mode of learning (curriculum; pedagogy; assessment)
17:57 – 32:33 focus of teaching (teaching examples shared)
32:33 – 36:53 challenges and solutions to disruptive innovation (perspectives: teachers and parents)
Closing 36:53 – 38:45 quotes for teachers
Q&A Session 40:00 – 40:55 how to create a timer in your slides
Remarks 41:02 – 41:51 introduction to Discord chat group