Seeing immense success from the first annual roundtable event on 9 June 2018, the second annual roundtable event was held on 8 June 2019. It is an important knowledge transfer opportunity for our project members to disseminate the findings gained from e-resources training and implementation in the primary and secondary English classrooms.

The highlight of this year’s event was a newly developed eLearning community – our website It shares the same goal as all the teachers at home and abroad, that is, to improve the learning experience today and make it more relevant for tomorrow.

Ms. Jenny Leung, an international faculty member of the Flipped Learning Global Initiative and English coordinator of FlippEducators@HK, delivered the keynote speech “21st Century Roles and Mindsets: Embracing Change in the Classroom”. She emphasized that the key issue of maintaining change lies in the true understanding of value and the connection between value and change in our everyday teaching.

Following the insightful sharing from Ms. Leung, a discussion took place among Mr. Sterling Wu and core project teachers on the topic “What Should Schools Do After Their First Year of Exploring e-Learning Integration?”, and the audience participated in the conversation proactively via a live Google Q&A session.

In the afternoon, 8 mini-workshops were held , in which the audience were invited to talk about topics they were interested in. According to their feedback, the topics on “Using Google Slides to Facilitate Pre-Writing” and “How I Used Adobe Spark Video to Enhance a Writing Task” are the most fulfilling.

Moving forward, the annual roundtable event would make continuous effort to showcase the best practices learned from primary and secondary English teachers in Hong Kong.

Special thanks to the guest speakers who made great contributions to the roundtable event:

David Isaac Bates, Mr. Jason Calvert, Ms. Zoe Chan, Mr. Mike Choi, Ms. Teresa
Chow, Mr. Raymond Lai, Ms. Jessica Lee, Ms. Jenny Leung, Ms. Cherry Tang, Mr.
Andrew Tse, Ms. Koci Xu, Ms. Ruofei Zhang, Dr. Di Zou.


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