The first annual ELE roundtable event – Unleashing e-Resources in English Language Learning – held on 9 June 2018, was a success. The Event attracted over 100 teachers, participating in an open sharing session about the effective practices of integrating technology into the English classroom. The sharing session was initiated with an overview about the objectives of the e-learning project and followed by a conversation between two project teachers about their three successes on integrating e-learning into their classroom.

The keynote speaker Sylvia Chan, principal of Ma On Shan Ling Liang Primary School, shared her school curriculum development approach in “The Era of ‘e’”. A meaningful discussion then took place among Dr. Timothy Taylor, Mr. Sterling Wu and core project teachers about “What Can Schools Do to Set Up Teachers for Success with eLearning”.

The second part of the event consisted of two break-out sessions, a total of 8 mini-workshops. Participants were invited to talk about topics of their choice, such as e-learning planning framework, e-learning and process writing, e-learning tools and techniques.

Overall, the event saw promising results from the systematic integration of e-learning into both project schools and partner schools. The insight gained from e-resources training and application in the English classrooms serves as excellent exemplars for other local schools.

Special thanks to the guest speakers who made great contributions to the roundtable event:

Ms. Amy Chan, Ms. Chloe Chan, Ms. Sylvia Chan, Ms. Zoe Chan, Ms. Teresa Chow, Mr. Alan Dickson, Ms. Fiona Kan, Mr. Edward Kim, Ms. Cynthia Ko, Ms. Jessica Lee, Mr. Jeffrey Mang, Ms. Joey Szeto, Mr. Chris Tam, Ms. Cherry Tang, Ms. Maple Tran, Ms. Koci Xu, Ms. Zoe Xu, Mr. William Yeung, Ms. Fiona Yung.


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