We’re excited to launch a new eTeachers Training Course, the first of its kind in Hong Kong. The course is one of the outcomes of our three-year project with five local schools (four primary and one secondary school). This eTeachers Introductory course will equip English teachers with 5 essential skills that all teachers need when using I.T. to enhance their teaching. These are basic teaching skills familiar to all teachers. They include: organization, presentation, interaction, assessment and extension skills. In each of these five units, we will introduce at least two excellent e-resources. After finishing the course, teachers will receive up to 12-hour professional development certificate from the English Language Education Department of the Education University of Hong Kong. And they will have acquired a wide range of tools to try out in their own classrooms. Our website eTeachers.Online will feature case studies and examples of how these tools can help your students’ motivation and learning.


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