Ms Fiona Yung is a primary English teacher at HKUGA Primary School and an experienced eTeacher. She has actively supported the effective integration of eResources into her school curriculum over many years, an experience that proved incredibly helpful when online teaching was suddenly required during class suspension. Fiona quickly adapted to the new mode of online teaching and facilitated her students adjustment to eLearning through a whole-school approach.

In her Webinar presentation, Fiona demonstrates how a systematic approach worked to integrate a number of eResources into the learning routines of primary two English learners. Among the eResources used during the online teaching were Google Drive, YouTube, Epic!, Google Forms and Zoom. At the end of her sharing session, Fiona also introduces Class Dojo as a tool to communicate with students’ parents.

Watch Fiona’s micro-introduction on the right or watch her full-length presentation below to explore Fiona’s online teaching journey in this rich sharing  from the 3rd Annual ELE eTeachers Roundtable event. If you enjoy her sharing, visit Fiona’s earlier talk on here as well. 

Fiona’s Micro-Introduction

(length: 04:08)

Fiona’s “Navigating the New Normal” Sharing Session

View her presentation slides here:

(length: 01:04:09)

Outline of Fiona’s Sharing Session “Our Journey of Adapting New Modes of Learning: School-wide and Primary Two English”

School-wide 01:18 – 08:00 stages of real-time tutorials; eLearning platforms adopted; examples of using eClass; comparison among different eLearning platforms
08:05 – 13:35
  • Video-Exercise-eQuiz Approach
  • new mode of learning (precise learning focus -> tailor-made videos -> student exercises -> eQuiz -> real-time tutorials -> precise learning focus)
Primary Two  13:40 – 18:10 using P2 Unit Robert Munsch (Author Study) as an example to teach different language skills (reading & vocabulary -> phonics & grammar -> listening & speaking -> writing)
18:10 – 19:18 Google Drive for lesson planning demonstrating the new mode of learning introduced earlier
19:18 – 21:00 YouTube videos for scaffolding (video examples shared)
21:00 – 22:50 Epic! for reading (advice for using Epic! included)
22:50 – 30:49 Google Drive for consolidation through assignments (examples of writing tasks & plans and student responses shared);
30:49 – 35:47 Google Forms for assessment (question examples shared; mark sheet shared on Google Drive)
35:47 – 36:47 Zoom for real-time tutorials (examples of guided reading shared)
36:57 – 44:11 using Class Dojo to communicate with parents; how to easily communicate with parents
Closing 44:11 – 46:37 message to teachers in Hong Kong
Q&A Session 48:50 – 52:05 why use eClass, Edmodo and Class Dojo instead of Google Classroom
52:05 – 54:23 what kind of feedback on assignments should be provided for students
54:35 – 56:30 whether to share mark sheet with students
56:55 – 58:13 how to deal with students who do not submit their assignments
58:20 – 01:00:32 how to deal with parents who are not very cooperative
01:00:32 – 01:04:02 how to practice guided reading while keeping social distance