E-books can make English teaching and learning more effective and interesting, and teachers and students can create any types of e-books with their creativity.

A good e-book can be a well-balanced combination of teacher input and student choice as shown below.

Here Phoneme, Word /Word Cluster, Sentence, Paragraph and Text Level can be developed in many ways, sequences and connections.
The key is to have activities that work together to build coherence and scaffolding so that students have greater control over English.

A Comparison between E-books

Here is the story I’m Trying to Love Spiders made in two different versions of e-books.

Version 1. A read-aloud video

Version 2. A digital storybook

A Suggestion on Creating E-books

If you prefer an electronic book that can be used for a flipped lesson, the second version might be a good option for you. It was made by Book Creator, a tool for creating e-books with texts, images, audio and videos across different devices and platforms. For more details, check out the following two videos.

Book Creator for Google Chrome (1:39)
Book Creator for iPad (3:54)

Two Tutorials about Book Creator

To get started with Book Creator, here is a 5-minute quick tutorial for you to create an e-book.


What follows here is an extended tutorial that introduces more features about Book Creator.


More How-to Videos for Book Creator

If you are interested in a particular feature of book creator, you will not want to miss the videos below.

1. How to work with others on Book Creator

This allows your students to work together on a shared e-book.


2. How to make a template e-book for students

This is a great way for your students to leverage a shared e-book.


3. How to embed content from other apps

With App Smashing (using multiple apps to create an original work), you can easily enrich your e-book content.


4. How to publish your e-books online

This is how you can make your e-books available to your students.


5. How to embed your e-book on a website

This is useful if you have a personal website that serves as your LMS.


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