In this experience-sharing presentation, Mr Timothy Lim and Mr Ashok Daswani, secondary English teachers from St Stephen’s College, introduce useful Microsoft apps as learning management systems, including SharePoint, OneNote and Teams. In addition, they explain how they used these e-resources to implement innovative activities, including a creative reading portfolio and an Instagram-based speaking project. They demonstrate how these activities and projects were conducted in their classes with the popular popular and powerful book The Giver by Lois Lowry.

If you’re interested to hear more, watch Timothy and Ashok’s micro-introduction on the right or go straight to their full-length presentation below to explore more about online teaching and learning for creative reading activities.

Timothy and Ashok’s Micro-Introduction

(length: 02:16)

Timothy and Ashok’s “Coping with Constant Change” Sharing Session

(length: 56:18)

Outline of Timothy and Ashok’s Sharing Session

“Learning Together: IT-enhanced Collaboration and Creative Reading Activities”

Introduction 00:00 – 01:09 outline of this sharing

Microsoft SharePoint

01:09 – 04:45
  • brief introduction to Microsoft SharePoint
  • benefits of using Microsoft SharePoint
  • do and don’ts of using Microsoft SharePoint
  • quick demonstration of using Microsoft SharePoint

Microsoft OneNote

04:45 – 07:56
  • brief introduction to Microsoft OneNote
  • benefits of using Microsoft OneNote
  • do and don’ts of using Microsoft OneNote
  • quick demonstration of using Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft Teams

07:56 – 09:15
  • brief introduction to Microsoft Teams
  • benefits of using Microsoft Teams
  • quick demonstration of using Microsoft Teams

Microsoft OneNote

09:15 – 10:37
  • featured function: marking
  • quick demonstration of using Microsoft OneNote marking feature
Discussion 10:37 – 15:54


  • Why is Microsoft preferred to Google? How to help students set up their OneNote accounts?
  • Are those OneNote folders organized by teachers or students?
Online Portfolio
15:54 – 23:16

example: The Giver by Lois Lowry

  • CAB (Challenging, Approachable, Breeze) worksheets
  • creative elements of the worksheets
  • demonstration of the online portfolio
Discussion 23:16 – 30:49


  • How to transform the online learning materials for face-to-face teaching?
  • Are those portfolios all managed in OneNote?
  • Will students have a hard copy of the book?
  • What does the CAB worksheet look like?
  • How long does it take to create the CAB worksheet?

Instagram Project

30:49 – 37:35

example: The Giver by Lois Lowry

  • brief introduction to the instagram project
  • objective of the instagram project
  • benefits of the instagram project
  • do and don’ts of the instagram project
  • demonstration of the instagram project
Discussion 37:35 – 37:51


  • Does every teacher teaching the same form have the same instagram project?
Expectations of Students
37:51 – 47:17
  • rubric for portfolio
  • rubric for project
  • examples of learning routines
  • principles of learning routines
  • outcome of learning routines
Reflections and Thoughts 47:17 – 53:55

problem of practice

  • class participation
  • writing
Discussion 53:55 – 56:00


  • Is OneDrive also used for teaching and learning? How is OneDrive used in context?