IDLE is Informal Digital Learning of English and is introduced in this talk by our EdUHK Dept of ELE colleague, Dr Ju Lee. In his sharing about his IDLE project, Dr Lee shares his experience of promoting self-guided learning of English via e-learning outside of the classroom through the 14-Day IDLE Challenge Program. Students who join the project challenge themselves with video dubbing using two featured online resources, including Fun Dubbing and  Padlet. In his presentation, Dr Lee answers the questions:

How was the project developed?

How was the program conducted?

How were the e-resources integrated into the program?

How did students react to the challenge of the program?

What benefits could you gain from the project?

Find the answers in his full-length sharing video below or, for a quick preview, watch the video on the right for a snapshot of his sharing.

Ju’s Micro-Introduction

(length: 02:51)

Ju’s “Coping with Constant Change” Sharing Session

(length: 47:36)

Outline of Ju’s Sharing Session

“Integrating Informal Digital Learning of English (IDLE) into the Classroom”

Introduction 00:00 – 01:36
  • self-introduction
  • outline of this sharing
IDLE Project 01:36 – 09:05
  • background information of the IDLE project
  • concept behind the IDLE project
  • principles of the IDLE project
  • research on the IDLE project
14-Day IDLE Challenge Program 09:05 – 16:05
  • inspiration of the IDLE Challenge Program
  • preparation for the IDLE Challenge Program
  • examples of using Padlet for the program
  • demonstration of using Fun Dubbing for the program
16:05 – 24:18
  • students’ video dubbing challenge
  • students’ reflection on their video dubbing challenge
  • students’ dubbing community on Padlet
24:18 – 28:41
  • results of the IDLE Challenge Program
  • factors that might affect students’ persistence
Discussion 28:41 – 38:19


  • How to introduce Fun Dubbing to students? How do students learn to use Fun Dubbing at home?
  • What is Padlet? How does Padlet work? How was the Padlet community developed?
  • Are the audio scripts on Fun Dubbing suitable for senior primary students?
  • Is there any cartoon on Fun Dubbing? What are the content types on Fun Dubbing?
Experience Sharing 38:19 – 47:24
  • experience of developing the IDLE project
  • feedback from roundtable participants
  • challenges of developing the IDLE project