Our presenter Ms Crystal Ng has returned after a popular presentation at our 3rd Roundtable event last year. This year, Ms Ng extended her sharing on using e-resources to improve high school students’ writing skills to discuss teaching all four language skills. In addition to sharing her practical e-resources experience, she also shares with us some sustainable practices that teachers can establish after the transition from online lessons to face-to-face lessons. These practices are mostly school-wide practices that were adopted in her school’s ZOOM lessons, three electives and free lessons.

You can go view Ms Ng’s micro-introduction on the right or watch her full-length presentation below. You can also review Crystal’s earlier talk “How to Prepare High School Students to Write with the Help of eResources” from last year’s Roundtable event right here

Crystal’s Micro-Introduction

(length: 03:15)

Crystal’s “Coping with Constant Change” Sharing Session

(length: 01:02:43)

Outline of Crystal’s Sharing Session

“Hybrid Learning for Four Language skills Practice in Senior Secondary School”

Introduction 00:00 – 01:05 opening
01:05 – 02:32

warm up activity

  • name 3 e-resources you have used in your lesson
02:32 – 06:00
  • school background information
  • whole-school measures to enhance students’ English proficiency
Writing Skills 06:00 – 09.24
  • secondary (form 1-6) writing syllabus
  • difficulties students encounter in writing
09.24 – 17:00

writing: text type features and structures

  • school-based writing worksheets
  • school-based writing videos
17:00 – 25.02

writing: lead-in/ideas input

  • ideas sharing
  • use of songs
  • use of videos




25.02 – 28:18

writing: organizing ideas

  • use of mindmap
  • ideas sharing
28.18 – 39:42

writing: vocabulary input

  • from reading tasks
  • from listening tasks
  • vocabulary consolidation

  Go Formative


Self-directed Learning Videos

Integrated Skills 39:42 – 42:35

NET teacher’s ZOOM lessons

  • different skills, such as listening, speaking
42.35 – 46.08

three electives (projects)

  • different topics, such as social issues, pop culture and workplace communication



46.08 – 46.59

free lesson videos

  • number of YouTube videos
Speaking Skills 46.59 – 49.36 speaking tasks

  Google Classroom


Student Work 50.00 – 56.45 student work samples on workplace communication
Discussion 56.45 – 01:02:39


  • How to prevent students from being overwhelmed by these e-resources? How to better utilize these e-resources?