Google Drive is a popular cloud storage service that allows you to store, access and share files across various devices. With a Google account, you can enjoy up to 15GB of free cloud storage in Google Drive. For G Suite for Education users, the storage space of Google Drive is unlimited!

Quick Overview

To begin with, here is a quick overview of Google Drive (12 Slides)

Note: these slides are also posted in Google Services: the Basics. Feel free to skip them if you do not want to watch them twice.

Warm-up Exercise

What follows is a practice for you to get familiar with Google Drive.

Step 1: search Google Drive and choose “Go to Google Drive”

Step 2: log in with your Google account and password

Step 3: upload a file or folder you want to store

Step 4: review it from other devices

Step 5: share it with others

Possible Problems and Solutions

1. How to save a video from your phone to Google Drive

If you have problems in practicing saving a video from your phone to Google Drive, here is a 2 minute video to help you out.

2. How to embed a video from Google Drive to other places

Sometimes, you may need to take some files back from Google Drive instead of storing files onto it. For example, you may want to embed a video from Google Drive on a webpage or blog post. If you do, here is a short tutorial for you.

Final Note

More advanced features of Google Drive will be introduced soon. You may want to check out Google Services: the Basics such as Chrome, Docs, Forms, Sites and Slides first. Stay tuned!