As one of the most powerful browsers in the world, Google Chrome provides you with a simple, secure and fast online experience.

This is a tutorial to help you get started with Google Chrome (8 Minutes)


Highlights from the video:

  • the differences between logging into Chrome and Gmail
  • the searching features of Google Chrome
  • an overview of incognito mode


Alternatively, you may want to learn about Google Chrome by going through its features one at a time as follows.

1. Signing into Chrome

Here is a 1 minute video that covers how to sign into Google Chrome.

2. Managing Accounts

This is a 2 minute introduction of managing multiple Google accounts.

3. Incognito Mode

This short video gives details about why and how to open an Incognito Mode window.

The slides below give you a rough idea of Incognito Mode.

4. Search or Shortcut to a Website

The following slides involve a sorting activity for you to experience URL Shortcuts and Search Terms.

5. Google Chrome Extensions and Add-ons

Extensions and add-ons are software programs that can be installed into Google Chrome to customize additional functionality and to improve your browsing experience.

  • One example of Chrome extension will be Read&Write and a 9 minute tutorial is presented as follows.

  • Another example of Chrome extension will be Screencast-o-matic and here is also a short video for you to start with.

To add an extension in Google Chrome, you can refer to the following tutorial for more information.

Hope you are now more confident of using Google Chrome. If you do, check out more about the basics of Google Services such as Docs, Forms, Slides, Drive and Sites. If not, you are encouraged to leave comments in our blog.