In this session, we will present some examples of pre-recorded videos used for flipped learning.

Originally designed and used for Ma On Shan Ling Liang Primary School, the videos below cater for P4 and P5 English curriculum. Each video has a specific language focus presented in short stories or role plays alongside quick quizzes. Students can be asked to watch the videos as their homework and get to know the grammar points before they go to class. The videos can also be used as summary review of the lesson.

Example 1 – Reflexive Pronouns

In the two videos below, reflexive pronouns are explained by the analysis of two short stories.

Video 1 – Reflexive Pronoun (2:31)
Video 2 – Reflexive Pronoun (4:08)

Example 2 – Present Perfect

Through a role play in an interview, the video illustrates how present perfect is used in context.

Video 3 – Present Perfect (2:32)

Example 3 – Using “both” and “or”

The following video tells a funny story in a plane, and explains the differences of “both” and “or”, followed by a quick quiz.

Video 4 – Using “both” and “or” (3:26)

Example 4 – Using “while”

The use of “while” is explained together with past continuous and comparison is also made with another similar word “when”.

Video 5 – Using “while” (4:06)

Example 5 – A Balanced Diet

The use of quantifiers is demonstrated through the topic of a balanced diet. Students may also learn different food categories and the names of food commonly seen in the dialogue.

Video 6 – A Balanced Diet (3:50)

Hopefully these examples provide inspiration for your videos in your flipped classroom. Feel free to share what you have done for flipped learning with us here.

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