Flipgrid (now Flip) is a video-based discussion community that helps teachers engage every student in the classroom online with videos. To get started, teachers can create a topic as an assignment and model the assignment by recording a video. Students who are given this assignment can respond with a text message or a video recording. When they are recording a video, students can add all kinds of effects, such as text, emoji, image, drawing, frame and filter to their video. Unlike other video sharing platforms, teachers can assess students’ video assignments very easily and provide immediate feedback to their students. 

In this sharing session, Dr Zou Di Daisy would share practical examples of how Flipgrid could be used for rapport building, peer assessment and reflection. In addition, she would also give a step-by-step demonstration on how to create Flipgrid activities.

(length: 34:46)

Outline of this Sharing Session: Flipgrid for Rapport Building, Reflection and Peer Assessment

Presenter: Dr Zou Di Daisy


00:00 – 02:07

Should we require students to turn on their cameras?

Part 1: Flipgrid features and functions

02:08 – 03:57

Overview of Flipgrid features and functions

03:58 – 08:45

Examples of Flipgrid features and functions

Part 2: Flipgrid for different purposes

08:46 – 10:54

Flipgrid for rapport building

10:55 – 13:26

Highlight of Flipgrid features and functions

13:27 – 15:26

Flipgrid for peer assessment and feedback

15:27 – 17:38

Highlight of Flipgrid features and functions

17:39 – 19:16

Flipgrid for reflection

Part 3: Step-by-step demonstration

19:17 – 23:11

Step 1: Sign into Flipgrid

23:12 – 23:18

Step 2: Create an account

23:19 – 23:56

Step 3: Create a new topic

23:57 – 25:36

Step 4: Explain or model your assignment

25:37 – 26:27

Step 5: Add effects to your audios or videos

26:28 – 27:03

Step 6: Invite your students to join

Part 4: Advantages and suggestions

27:04 – 28:33

Advantages of using Flipgrid

28:34 – 32:08

Suggestions for using Flipgrid


32:09 – 34:52

Will students lose their interest of using Flipgrid over time?

For more details about using Flipgrid in the classroom, please visit her poster page here: https://humbol.eduhk.hk/posters/zoudi/.
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