Frameworks for IT integration provide a shared reference when co-planning courses, curricula or projects that aim to innovate. They can be useful for sharing and comparing best practices, as well as providing a baseline for measuring progress, both formally and informally. 

In this FHM TDG project seminar, Dr Wang Lixun and Dr Timothy Taylor introduce the most popular frameworks for planning innovation, such as TPACK, SAMR, TIM, SQD and PICRAT, with practical examples of how they can be used for planning, teaching and research. Some recommendations are made to assist adopting the most suitable framework according to the specific objectives of the context.

(length: 01:16:04)

View the seminar’s presentation slides here:

Outline of FHM TDG Project Seminar: Frameworks for Planning Innovations in Online Teaching

Presenter: Dr Timothy Taylor
00:00 – 02:02 introduction
02:02 – 14:24 innovation in education
14:24 – 16:21 instances of innovations at EdUHK
16:21 – 18:17 introduction to IT integration frameworks
IT Integration Frameworks 18:17 – 22:11 TPACK (Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge)
22:11 – 27:37 SAMR (Substitution, Augmentation, Modification, Redefinition)
27:37 – 33:52 TIM (Technology Integration Matrix)
33:52 – 35:48 SQD (Synthesis of Qualitative Evidence)
Presenter: Dr Wang Lixun
35:48 – 39:19 challenges facing IT integration frameworks
IT Integration Frameworks 39:19 – 43:16 PICRAT (Passive, Interactive, Creative, Replacement, Amplification, Transformation)
43:16 – 49:57 practices of using PICRAT
49:57 – 50:46 benefits of using PICRAT
50:49 – 53:49 conclusion
Questions and Comments
Comments 53:49 – 55:00 feedback from teachers
Questions 55:00 – 58:41 Given these models, how to learn about students’ perspectives?
PICRAT is a clear model, but is it closely related to subject content?
58:41 – 01:06:50 How can teachers evaluate Transformation teaching?
How to know students are learning as planned?
01:06:50 – 01:14:00 How to engage students and interact with them online?
01:14:00 – 01:15:24 Will the project share practices of using these models?
01:15:24 – 01:16:04 closing


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