Welcome eTeachers to the CORE Training Course. Please complete the simple registration form in the link below to get started. After you have registered, we will send you a reminder before the next submission deadline (any personal information collected will be kept confidential and handled according the Hong Kong privacy act). Thanks for joining the Core Course.

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Decide what you need

The Core Training Course is divided into 5 Units of 2-3 Sections each. Each Unit is focused on a  fundamental skill of good teaching. Each Section offers step-by-step, straightforward instruction on the apps that best support  teaching skill of that Unit. Course participants must complete at least one Section from each Unit. Note that Section 4.1 Google Blogger is mandatory, as  you will be asked to submit your assignment via the teacher blog you create with Google Blogger.  

Please preview the Units and Apps to decide which sections you will complete, based on your own training needs and what will be most helpful in your own teaching. In the “Course Materials” section of this site, you should watch the short Introduction to each Unit as an overview. You can then look at the training videos and handbook for each unit to get familiar with the apps for each section.

Unit 1 Presentation

    Google Slides

   Pear Deck

Unit 2 Interaction



Unit 3 Evaluation


    Google Forms/Quizzes

Unit 4 Organization

    Google Blogger


   Google Classroom

Unit 5 Extension

    QR Code Generator

    Online Voice Recorder



Take the course

All of the course materials are available on the “Course Materials” page. The videos of each unit will provide a thorough introduction to apps that support English teaching skills, with examples of how the apps can be used in the English classroom. When you’re ready:

1) Watch the Unit Introduction and the app training videos

Watch the unit introduction video first for an overview of the teaching skill featured in that unit.
After the introduction, watch the tutorial video of each section you are interested in.
You can work at your own pace, even using YouTube settings to play the videos at a faster or slower speed
if it’s helpful. You can also use YouTube settings to turn on English subtitles.

2) Follow course manual

A detailed course manual is provided to use side-by-side the videos or independently.
You can find screenshots that support your learning of the apps on a step-by-step basis.

Download Here

3) Take notes

While watching the training videos, take notes in the Notes section of the course manual, either online or offline. For example, you can use the Notes section to summarize, reorganize, and brainstorm your teaching ideas. Notes are also helpful as you think about organizing the course assignment for each section.


Complete your assignment

Section 4.1 Google Blogger Checklist

Guests and visitors are welcome to watch the videos and use the course manual to support their I.T. training. But if you want a CPD Certificate from the Education University of Hong Kong, Department of English Language Education, you must submit an assignment for each section you complete. The assignment is simple evidence that you know how to use each app. Refer to the Checklist section at the end of each section of the course manual. The Checklist serves as a way to keep track of your learning progress and know what is required. Please make sure you tick all the boxes on the checklist before you submit all the evidence of your learning to your teacher blog.


Review the course requirements

Refer to the sample assignment blog we made here to model the evidence required for the Core Course. Upload evidence of your own examples to your own teacher blog before the course deadline.

As demonstrated in our sample blog, your assignments are presented on a teacher blog made with Google Blogger (in Section 4.1 of the course). You must create one post to showcase the evidence of your learning for each section of the course you completed. Please make sure you include all the evidence as demonstrated in our sample blog. You can also refer to the Evidence section at the end of the course manual for details.

For your convenience, you can also download the Evidence section as a separate document here.

Dummy Teacher Blog

(Model Responses)


(Course Requirements)


Submit your assignment

When you are finished and ready to submit your evidence of learning for a Certificate of Completion, complete the submission form by following the link below. We will review your blog as soon as possible after the deadline and approve your Certificate of Completion if all the requirements are fulfilled.

Submit Your Assignment

Please note that all the assignments are submitted ONLY for the purpose of reviewing, evaluating and certificating. None of your assignments would be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted without your permission.

To help us continue to improve our training course, please complete this feedback form. Thank you!