Check out the Core Course for Effective Use of eResources in English Language Teaching. is a place to share what really works in the effective use of e-resources for excellent English teachers. Our new CORE Training Course has been thoroughly updated to include only the most highly recommended apps. Each of the 12 sections of the course provides a thorough introduction to one app, a sample of how it can be used in teaching, and a brief assignment to practice and demonstrate what you learn. Instruction is provided through comprehensive videos and a detailed handbook. A sample blog of the assignment shows teachers how to complete the course for a CPD certificate. The 12 e-resources in the course include both new apps to transform your teaching and more familiar apps that you can learn to use in innovative ways. Whatever your comfort level with technology-enhanced teaching, you are welcome to join.

Hands-on training with e-resources recommended by expert eTeachers.

We know that all good teachers share some fundamental strengths, so we started with four timeless teaching skills that transcend technology: presentation, interaction, evaluation, and organization. We also included extension apps to make technology even more accessible. We then chose only e-teacher and time-tested apps that facilitate these fundamentals of good teaching. These apps unleash the potential of English teaching. Once you are familiar with these Core Apps and what they can do, you will have the power to make great choices with an incredible “teaching with technology” toolbox and your own “virtual classroom” for providing greater learning opportunities for your students, anytime and anywhere.

Unleash your students’ language learning.

Complete the Core Corse on your own schedule to earn up to 20 CPD hours. Participants must complete at least one section from each of the 5 units of the course (Section 4.1 Google Blogger is required for all participants, as course assignments are posted on participants’ blogs). For each section completed, participants will receive between .5 – 2.5 CPD hours, depending on how long the training is and what evidence is required for the assignment. For example, those who complete any of the short sections in Unit 5 (Extension) will receive .5 hours for each section. Those who complete the longer sections of Unit 2 (Interaction) will receive a 2.5 hours for each section. This allows participants to tailor the course to meet their own needs. Participants who complete all 12 sections will receive a bonus two-hours and will receive a CPD certificate for 20 hours.

Receive a CPD certificate for up to 20 hours of online training.

Register now at Course Registration for more information and begin your course with the online videos and Course Manual anytime. The deadline for submitting course assignments for a CPD certificate is once every four months only: 31 August, 31 December and 30 April. If you have any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at We’re excited to have you as part of the eTeachers.Online community. Welcome!