Jason Calvert, a native English-speaking teacher from C.C.C. Kei Tsun Primary School, joined our Roundtable event to share his experience using Google Sites for students in early primary grades. Jason’s presentation is ideal for those who want to see a contextualized ‘case study’ of how to use Google Sites to create a tailor made ‘virtual classroom’ to meet your own needs. Jason’s micro-introduction is on the right. 

Phonics has always been an important foundation for young students to develop English speaking and spelling, but teachers often find it difficult to design effective, explicit instruction on phonics. In Jason’s session, he’ll share his own experience of building a Google Site for phonics, and he’ll take it a step further by showing us how to easily build a Google Site for any teaching content. At the end of the session, he also helps you to distinguish features of the new Google Sites from classic Google Sites.

If you are interested in learning more about how to use Google Sites to teach phonics – or your own teaching content – don’t miss Jason’s sharing below.

Jason’s Micro-Introduction

View his presentation slides here

(length: 03:05)

Jason’s “Navigating the New Normal” Sharing Session

(length: 41:23)

Outline of Jason’s Sharing Session “Digitalising content to deliver online learning through Google Sites – A phonics teaching programme”

Sharing Google Sites 01:18 – 02:40 introduction to Jason’s website: https://sites.google.com/cccktps.edu.hk/ele-phonics
02:40 – 05:05 Phonics Basics (pronunciation website shared)
05:05 – 06:47 Parents’ Corner (screen recorder platform shared)
06:47 – 08:17 Apps and Online Games (examples of phonics games included)
08:17 – 12:25 Songbirds Stage 1-6 (phonics recordings shared; Zoom annotation feature adopted)
Q&A session 12:41 – 15:05 can Google Sites be shared in private? Is it free?
15:05 – 18:15 how to deal with the possibly limited interaction with students in Google Sites? Is it too advanced for younger learners?
Creating a Google Site 18:15 – 26:47 demonstration of creating a Google Site page from a premade template
Review  26:47 – 27:53 review on Jason’s website
Q&A session 28:03 – 29:47 have students build their own phonics websites and comment on each other’s websites
30:19 – 33:30 how parents respond to Jason’s website
33:33 – 34:41 can Google Sites be shared on school website
Sharing Google Sites 34:41 – 36:30 another sharing of Google Sites: https://sites.google.com/cccktps.edu.hk/hfw 
Comparing Google Sites 38:39 – 40:10 difference between new Google Sites and classic Google Sites