CORE TRAINING COURSE is a place to share what really works. Our CORE training course will give you hands-on training with e-Resources that support essential teaching skills. If it hasn’t been helpful to English teachers already, you won’t find it here. The 11 e-Resources in the course include both new apps to transform your teaching and more familiar apps that you can use in innovative ways. Whatever your comfort level with applying technology to your teaching, you are welcome to join us. There’s something for everyone. And our CORE Course is the first step to becoming a certified eTeacher.

Hands-on training with e-resources recommended by expert eTeachers.

We know that all good teachers have some things in common, so we start with essential teaching skills that transcend technology. Teachers must all be comfortable and confident in getting organized, making great presentations, encouraging an interactive, learner-centered environment, and conducting meaningful evaluation and assessment. Our CORE training course provides you with the eResources to do all of those things and more – to extend the possibilities of classroom teaching by reaching beyond the classroom. You won’t use every app in the course every day, but you will have the power to make great choices with an incredible “teaching with technology” toolbox and your own “virtual classroom” for providing learning opportunities to your students, anytime and anywhere.

Learn the eResources that will unleash your students’ language learning.

Complete the course on your own schedule before 23:59, 1st April 2022 to receive a CPD certificate for up to 12  hours of online training. Student teachers must complete at least one section from each of the five units of the course (with section 1.1 being mandatory). For each section completed, student teachers will receive 1-hour CPD. Those who complete the minimum of 5 sections will receive a 5-hour CPD certificate, for example, and those who complete 8 sections will receive an 8-hour CPD certificate. This allows student teachers to tailor the course to meet their own needs. Student teachers who complete all 11 sections will receive a bonus hour and will receive a CPD certificate for 12 hours. See the Course Preview for a more detailed outline of course content, or enroll below to gain immediate access to the Course Manual and Training Videos. If you have any questions, please contact us. We’re excited to have you as part of the eTeachers.Online community. Welcome!

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