In light of the capricious pandemic situation, teachers around the world had to switch back and forth between online teaching and face-to-face classroom teaching. In the 21st century, it feels like good teachers have to be ready for anything, anytime. The purpose of our 4th ELE roundtable event was to share how English teachers can cope with constant change and use e-resources to manage the challenges of online teaching, blended teaching, flipped teaching, changing curriculum and social demands, as well as student motivation, learner differences and other challenges familiar to teachers.

This year’s Roundtable was held on Saturday, 10 July and, like last year’s, was conducted as a webinar. Our featured speakers and participants joined two sessions via Zoom. The first session was the plenary session that introduced the event, presented the rundown and shared news about Speakers briefly introduced their breakout sessions so that participants could hear the range of topics and choose one breakout session to attend.

The second session of the webinar featured seven teacher sharing sessions conducted in parallel. In these breakout presentations, our eTeachers shared their own experience and knowledge of how to cope with a number of constant changes and challenges of English teaching and learning by employing a variety of strategies and specific e-resources, including Edpuzzle, Padlet, Nearpod, Quizlet, Quizizz, Kapwing, Wakelet, Mentimeter, Google Sites, Google Classroom, Microsoft services and more. 

Apart from our ELE team from The Education University of Hong Kong, Dr Tim Taylor, Dr Ju Lee and Ms Jessica Lee, our speakers also included: Ms Crystal Ng (TWGHs Mrs Wu York Yu Memorial College), Ms Winnie Choi & Mr Angus Chan (Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Mrs. Fung Wong Fung Ting College), Ms Suzanne Suen & Mr Frank Ip (Tung Wah Group of Hospitals Kwok Yat Wai College) and Mr Timothy Lim & Mr Ashok Daswani (St Stephen’s College). 

The entire roundtable webinar, including the plenary session and all the breakout sessions are presented here on for your benefit. Feel free to explore and enjoy!

“Coping with Constant Change” Plenary Session:

(length: 01:02:27)

Outline of Plenary Session “Coping with Constant Change”

Introduction 00:00 – 02:38 welcome speech
02:38 – 03:39 topic of this session
eTeachers.Online Project 03:39 – 05:07 eTeachers community
05:07 – 06:35 roundtable participants
06:35 – 09:34 mission of eTeachers.Online
09:34 – 11:40 background information
11:40 – 12:32 tour on eTeachers.Online
12:32 – 13:48 annual roundtable events
13:48 – 16:40 updates on eTeachers.Online
4th ELE Roundtable Event 16:40 – 17:58 how to cope with constant change
17:58 – 18:53 roundtable rundown
Micro-introduction to Breakout Sessions 18:53 – 22:50

1st speaker: Ms Crystal Ng

Hybrid Learning for Four Language skills Practice in Senior Secondary School

22:50 – 28:42

2nd speakers: Ms Winnie Choi & Mr Angus Chan

Learning Discussion and Writing Skills through Flipped Learning

28:42 – 33:34

3rd speakers: Ms Suzanne Suen & Mr Frank Ip

Ways in Motivating & Engaging Low Achievers in Junior Secondary in Online Lessons

33:34 – 37:06

4th speakers: Mr Timothy Lim & Mr Ashok Daswani

Learning Together: IT-enhanced Collaboration and Creative Reading Activities

37:06 – 40:56 5th speaker: Dr Ju Lee

Integrating Informal Digital Learning of English (IDLE) into the Classroom
40:56 – 45:05

6th speaker: Ms Jessica Lee

Storytelling Online with Young English Learners

45:05 – 50:26

7th speaker: Dr Tim Taylor

CARE BOOKS: Enhancing Interactive Reading with Innovative e-Books

Roundtable Discussion 50:26 – 53:08 more details about Tim’s breakout session on CARE book concept
53:08 – 58:21 more details about Winnie and Angus’s breakout session on flipped learning
58:21 – 01:02:01 more details about Ju’s breakout session on IDLE project
Conclusion 01:02:01 – 01:02:27 reminders


“Coping with Constant Change” Breakout Sessions:


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