The Learning English with Little Leaf (LELL) platform is an adaptive platform that enables students to learn English online, in classroom settings and even independently. The content is designed to be relevant, fun and flexible to meet primary learners changing needs. The site hosts stories of a family of plants that are told through animated videos, e-books and interactive activities.

This seminar would share the interactive learning materials, which were developed for the local Primary English curriculum by a team of academics, undergraduates and professional artists. This seminar would also explore and illustrate different functions and settings in the platform for teachers and students that were designed to actively engage students. Features of the future platform would be included, such as an overview of class performance and a profile of students’ work, which could be examined and extracted to Google Drive in PDF format. Sample of the animation videos, songs, online interactive activities, lesson plans and worksheets would be shown. Whether students will be learning English with a teacher, parent or tutor, or even by themselves, Learning English with Little Leaf has something to offer.

(length: 44:10)

Outline of this Sharing Session: Learning English with Little Leaf: Exploring an Online Interactive Platform for Primary English

Presenter: Ms Wong Lok Tung Stephanie


00:00 – 00:34


00:35 – 01:32


01:33 – 02:11

Our mission

02:12 – 02:33

Today’s rundown

Part 1: Project background

02:34 – 03:31

The CARE Books project

03:32 – 04:52

Traditional books, textbooks, games

04:53 – 05:22

The TPACK model

Part 2: Principles and practices

05:23 – 06:31

Learning a language through speaking

06:32 – 07:40

Project features: speaking and phonics

07:41 – 11:55

Project features: comprehensible input

Part 3: The bridging website

11:56 – 14:49

The bridging website: units and features

14:50 – 16:23

Integrated assessment platform: H5P activities

16:24 – 17:05

Teaching and learning materials: songs

17:06 – 17:42

Teaching and learning materials: lesson plans

17:43 – 17:54

Teaching and learning materials: worksheets

17:55 – 24:34

Navigating the website: videos

24:35 – 33:36

Navigating the website: ebooks

33:37 – 36:55

Navigating the website: learning materials

36:56 – 37:45

Future feature of the website

37:46 – 38:45

Reporting function of the platform

38:46 – 39:29

Login system of the platform

39:30 – 39:47

Kahoot! integration

39:48 – 40:50

Promotional items

Part 4: More about the project

40:51 – 41:21

The Little Leaf seminar (link)

41:22 – 42:17

Future of the Little Leaf project

42:18 – 42:56

Joining the Little Leaf project


42:57 – 44:01

Can these materials be applied to all levels? 

44:02 – 44:17

Closing and thanks

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