Both traditional print books and online e-books have advantages and disadvantages for primary students’ English learning. By combining the advantages of print books and online e-books, the CARE book concept supports young English learners with a new and rich reader experience. In this project sharing presentation, Dr Tim Taylor, a senior lecturer in the Dept of ELE at EdUHK, shares the challenges and opportunities of teaching English through children’s stories in the age of online learning.  The CARE Book innovation is to harness the advantages of both print and e-books. Unlike other physical books, the CARE book also offers augmented reality (AR) while retaining the traditional advantages of a physical text. The e-book edition on an e-book platform, compliments the print book and offers integrated audios, videos and H5P assessment activities to engage young English readers. 

Watch Tim’s brief “trailer” video on the right for a brief introduction of the CARE book concept, or watch the full-length video presentation below. For more details of the CARE book project, you can also visit

Tim’s Micro-Introduction

(length: 05:23)

Tim’s “Coping with Constant Change” Sharing Session

(length: 01:03:21)

Outline of Tim’s Sharing Session

“CARE BOOKS: Enhancing Interactive Reading with Innovative e-Books”

Introduction 00:00 – 05:39
  • introduction to CARE Book Project
  • rundown of this sharing
  • objectives of primary English education

Part 1

Books and eBooks

05:39 – 08:03
  • e-books as learning context
  • development of books
08:03 – 14:42
  • traditional books for interest
  • textbooks for language learning
  • games integrated for interaction
14:42 – 15:26 IT integration framework: TPACK

Part 2


15:26 – 19:50
  • reasons of using e-books
  • difference between e-books and print books
19:50 – 30:02
30:02 – 31:31
  • advantages of e-books
  • disadvantages of e-books
31:31 – 37:07

introduction to the CARE Book concept

  • objectives
  • print edition & e-book edition
  • technical challenges
  • future prospects

Part 3

Pilot and Workshop

37:07 – 39:15
  • print edition
  • e-book edition
39:15 – 41:15
  • demonstration of the print edition
  • demonstration of the pilot lessons
41:15 – 44:22
  • demonstration of how to use the CARE Book online platform
  • hands-on experience of the CARE Book online platform

Part 4

Experience Sharing

44:22 – 52:18 feedback from roundtable participants
52:18 – 01:01:40


  • Was Wonderscope used to create CARE Book?
  • What e-resources were used to create CARE Book?
  • How can CARE Book be helpful to college students?
  • How to increase college students’ motivation in reading?
01:01:40 – 01:03:21 feedback from roundtable participants