What apps have you used for your class?

What is your favorite app? Why do you like it?


Come and share with us below!


  1. Jacky Tsang

    My staple apps for my classroom:

    1) MS Teams – built in chat function to connect with students outside of class. The ability to have private channel for groups of students where they can share ideas / mind maps / writings in their own group – will be trying to use this for group peer marking as part of process writing next year. Great app to group with other teachers in the same form for sharing materials
    2) MS Onenote class notebook – where all my teaching materials are on and students can revisit them at their own time. This is where I share my eworksheets with videos, pdfs, questions, MS forms for students to answer. Students can also do their hw / short writings there and I can mark it with a stylus.
    3) Quizlet – great app for vocabulary – games and tests built in for students to practice
    4) Flipboard – class magazine, I can source appropriate articles and add them to the class magazine so they don’t need to research on the internet and be more focused on the research I’ve sourced for them
    5) Padlet – I use it to gather ideas in the pre-writing stage so weaker learners can also use some of the class generated ideas.

    • Timothy Taylor

      This is great sharing Jacky. Padlet is part of the Entry Level course (Section 3.2) , a fantastic platform. But we haven’t included the others yet. Glad to hear which ‘core apps’ are most useful to you.


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